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Functional Testing

The risks of releasing a new software application without rigorous testing have greater implications now than ever before because of the rapid pace of change in expectations and demands of the end users. It’s imperative that we do it right and do it right the first time.

  • TestPRO provides functional testing services tailored to your software’s requirements and focused on the system’s specific behaviors. We can help with functional testing for desktop software, web applications, embedded software, reports, mobile applications, and games.
  • Our team includes the expertise to help with all aspects of functional testing including smoke testing, regression testing, UAT testing, and integration testing.
  • Our testing team adapts to your preferred processes and tools and is able to provide recommendations based upon our experiences.
  • TestPRO’s functional testing team has experience in both manual and automated testing, which help us provide functional testing services at each stage of the software development lifecycle. Test automation frees up the QA team to focus on difficult edge-cases and the immediate needs of the development team.

TestPRO functional testing approaches are:

  • Exploratory Testing:
    • The creativity of our professional testers as they discover defects regularly missed by automation and test cases.
    • Having independent, human testers explore your apps allows for the discovery of defects and issues that come from unexpected usage patterns or real-world conditions.
  • TestPRO uses SBTM (Session-based Test Management) to manage the exploratory scope.
  • Scripted Testing:
    • Test cases provide the peace of mind that core features of your app are working as intended.
    • Depends on your needs, TestPRO can produce concrete test cases, logical test cases or use checklist-based techniques.

TestPRO uses the Risk-based testing strategy to define what’s critical to customer and prioritize the activities in order to achieve the best results.