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Performance Testing

Performance Testing Services from TestPRO

Functional Testing

Functional Testing Services from TestPRO

TestPRO for Software Testing Services

TestPRO is an independent testing service provider. That can fulfill the majority of the test delivery, that can be carried out on-site and deliver the cost saving that only a dedicated test center can provide. We will prepare and execute the tests and reporting all results to you in a timely manner.


TestPRO will handle your testing process and tools if you have them but if not we will use our industry standard as the basis for our engagement.


Whether it is a new website release over a few days or becoming an integral part of a large organization’s test team.

TestPRO can help you in many aspects such as localization testing as our test specialists are Native Arabic speakers.


TestPRO offers Software Testing Outsourcing as services and  Personnel Outsourcing services by a unique human capital of ISTQB Certified Testers, in order to cope with daily challenges in the information technology world.


Our services include Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Regression Testing, Mobile testing, besides different acceptance testing scopes, different testing methods, and different testing types.

Also many other testing practices such as writing test cases, Code Review, test automation frameworks.


TestPRO helps our customers to reduce the risk if release as we can engage from the project initiation or at the acceptance level.


TestPRO can help you in many aspects such as localization testing as our test specialists are Native Arabic speakers.


TestPRO has a great pool of different skillful resources with different experiences that can be assigned remotely to handle your tasks from a few hours to mega projects. In addition, TestPRO offers different service and staffing strategies which will fit your needs.


TestPRO is an Accredited Training Provider by the ESTB  for:
- ISTQB Foundation Level.
- ISTQB Agile Tester Extension.


TestPRO your Quality Partner




TestPRO provides offshore/onshore training to help in Implementing Training Programs by highly qualified instructors with extensive practical experience. In other words, TestPRO has skillful consultants have a unique experience in both testing and training. Our main objective is to spread the "know-how" concept of software testing, bringing up smart calibers to improve the Egyptian software quality industry to the best extent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Read More!


TestPRO offers outsourcing testing services by a unique human capital of ISTQB Certified Testers. Also, our services are highly scalable, from functional/non-functional testing of web/mobile/desktop applications to the complete outsourcing of all testing needs. In reality, we deliver services that allow and help our valuable customers to deliver high-quality software.

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TestPRO offers test process management service (Establishment OR Improvement) by highly experienced consultants. Also, we follow the best practices to deliver a distinguished service at the right price. Our expert's team come from a strong testing consulting background.

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