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Acceptance Testing


In the recent past there have been many incidents across geographies that consumers, users and software developers themselves have faced technical glitches when operating on these platforms.

In order to avoid such issues, more and more enterprises are realizing the benefits of testing services rendered by IT vendors for addressing issues of bugs or malware on the platforms.

Today third-party IT vendors that have expertise in areas of software testing perform the role of a value-added partner for clients who outsource Testing of their product.

Outsourcing UAT may seem to be one of the best options to reduce errors and launch a stable product in the market, there are a lot of challenges in terms of selecting the right outsourcing partner.

Why UAT outsourcing leads to better output?

External team definitely adds value in terms of completing the test coverage.

They have a more objective view of the business scenarios that may occur in that industry.

An external consultant can help to test the performance of the application during peak periods.


Why TestPRO?

Time Saving:

Testing is often the last thing before launching a product in the market, outsourcing may help them to work 24X7 and thus help to launch it faster in the market.

In some cases, testing can speed up by taking advantage of the time zone differences. Testing at night what has been developed or debugged during the day yields convenience and pace.

Enhances Accuracy and specialization in evaluating performance:

The client doesn’t have to build a specialized testing team or doesn’t have to take out developers from projects and involve them in the testing process.

A professional tester will understand the user’s requirements, domain/business knowledge and test it appropriately rather than a developer who has developed the product based on his/her understanding (and may able to validate only the technical requirement)

Standardization and Customization of Testing Process:

TestPRO has a well-documented process in place that can be customized based on the need of the product.

Reduce testing costs:

Apart from the low-cost country benefit, costly IT and business resources can be freed from repetitive and time-consuming test activities thus resulting in cost savings by outsourcing smartly.

UAT Approach

Define the plan and testing activities needed for successfully conducting a UAT project.

  • Review user requirements.
  • Determine when to stop testing.
  • Model realistic business scenarios.
  • Create a quality acceptance test pack.
  • Priorities testing using risk-based testing techniques.
  • Create test scripts and test data.
  • Manage and report testing progress.
  • Demonstrate the role of acceptance testing throughout the development lifecycle.