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Team Composition – Skills

Team Composition – Skills

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Successful Test Managers recruit, hire and maintain teams with the proper mix of skills. Skills requirements may change over time, so in addition to hiring the right people in the first place, providing adequate training and growth opportunities are important in order to retain the test team and maintain it at a level of peak performance. In addition to the skills of the team, the Test Manager must also maintain a set of skills that will allow effective functioning in a high pressure, fast-paced environment.



Test Managers manage people, not components, It’s important as a test manager, to have the balanced skill-set. A SKILL can be defined as the ability to do something well. An individual’s ability to test software can be obtained through:
– Experience
– Education
– Training


Tester’s knowledge-base consist of four core areas:
– Understand the business domain
– Understand SDLC
– Understand STLC
– Understand the UX


Regarding the understanding of software testing, the tester must be able to face testing challenges and apply testing best practices. the specific software testing skills maybe:
– The ability to analyze a specification and extract what it must be tested from
– Participate in risk analysis and identify products risks
– Design effective test cases in an efficient way
– Diligence for running tests and recording the results


As a test manager there are different skills need to be gained:
– The ability to manage a project in terms of resources, cost, time
– The ability to make plans
– The ability to track progress
– The ability of reporting


Technical testers need to gain such skills in order to step their career forward as a test manager.

Written by: Samer Desouky