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Testing Practice Workshop


This Testing Workshop is your way in practicing the Software Testing Process and its related activities. These activities represent the main duties and responsibilities required from any Tester in at least the first 2 years from his career. This course is appropriate for anyone who needs to learn or enhance his practical testing capabilities. It is a must for any candidate who is interested in this course to have a solid background and strong knowledge in software testing core concepts and theories.



* Analyze Technical Requirements
* Prepare Test Conditions
* Create Test Scenarios
* Execute Test Scenarios on Mobile Application
* Report Defects on ZOHO
* Real Application Hands-on


Learning Objectives

* Practice how to perform static testing activities
* Practice how to analyze the customer requirements
* Practice how to generate test conditions
* Practice how to generate test scenarios
* Practice how to execute the test scenarios on the application under test
* Practice how to report the generated defects on ZOHO (Defects Tracking Tool)