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Testing Essentials


The Testing Essentials course is your first step in the Software Testing career. It's a practical training inherited from the real work experience with extensive workshops with the intent of sharing the know-how concepts of Software Testing.
The course is also appropriate for anyone who needs to start his/her Software Testing career like fresh grads and career switchers. Also, it's designed for Junior Testes and Developers to learn how to think testing.
It is suggested that candidates for the Testing Essentials course have an IT background but it's not a must.



* Introduction
* Software Development Phases
* Software Testing Phases
* Bug Life Cycle
* Testing Levels
* Testing Types
* Create the Application Mind Map using XMind
* Requirements Testing
* Writing Test Cases using TFS
* Test Cases Execution
* Bug Reporting using TFS
* Exercises & Workshops
* Live Project


Learning Objectives

* Filling the gap between the academic knowledge and real work environment needs
* Learn the main theories and core concepts of Software Testing
* Prepare the candidate to pass any technical exam/interview
* Be familiar with the software development and testing phases
* Understand the different testing levels and types
* Practice how to review/test business and technical requirements
* Practice how to write test cases
* Practice how to report bugs effectively