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Test Automation – Selenium


This course is designed for automation testers who have basic coding skills. This course focuses on creating, executing and maintaining automation Tests.
This course includes hands-on labs and real testing project to reinforce practical skills and ensure you’re ready to use the tools on your return to your workplace.



* Testers working at least for one year in software testing field.
* Testers have good knowledge in programming languages (Preferred Java or C#).


Target Audience

This course is designed for Testers, QC Engineers and QC Leads.



Module 1:
* Intro to SW Test Automation
* Test Types, and Levels
* Test Robots
* Tool Selection (Free/Commercial)
* Where Selenium Fits (Does/Doesn't)?
* Why Selenium is So Important?
* What is the different selenium Versions?
* Selenium Flavors
* GUI Test Automation Basics
* Selenium Way?
* Selenium helping tools [IDE, FireBug, And FirePath]
* Installing FF browser tool set
* Selenium Scripting Languages
* Basic Java for testers
* Install Java
* Run “Hello World”
* Install Eclipse
* Project Structure


Module 2:
* Test frameworks [TestNG]
* Benefits of using test frameworks
* TestNG
* Write TestNG basic Tests
* TestNG Reports
* Robot framework
* Testing Web Apps Using Selenium
* Accessing Basic Elements [Text, Buttons, Check boxes, radio, Combos,...]


Module 3:
* Accessing Complex Elements
* WebDriver Commands
* Accessing Elements with XPath/CSS Selectors
* Enhance XPath
* Using JS with selenium
* Handling AngularJS/JQuery web Elements
* Handling Dynamics [Navigation, AJAX, Rendering Elements]
* Constructed/Compound Actions
* Switches Alerts & Windows


Module 4:
* Testing Web Apps Using Selenium, Simplify Selenium APIs
* Using POM.
* Object repositories.
* Dealing with configuring.
* Data driven testing.
* Keyword driven testing


Module 5:
* Headless Browsers
* Using Selenium Standalone server
* Selenium 3
* Continuous Integration
* Finalizing