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BI Testing


In BI Testing Training, Trainee demonstrates the necessary skills to be a BI Tester. The course shows the main concepts and terminologies for BI testing. It also covers the QC role in testing any BI solution.
The course is also appropriate for anyone who needs to learn the best practices in testing BI application from backend and frontend prospective.
It is a must that candidates for the course to have a good knowledge in Software Testing and SQL Querying.



Introduction to BI
* What is meant by BI
* Difference between BI and Big Data
* Purpose of BI solutions
* Examples for BI solutions


Important BI Terminologies
* Getting familiar with BI model and terminologies
* Explaining OLAP
* Focus on Unified Dimensional Model


QC role in BI Testing
* The role of QC in each phase of the project starting with requirement review till project delivery


ETL Testing (Backend)
* What is meant by ETL
* Focus on testing ETL (Data, Sequence, Performance,…etc)


Cube Testing (Backend)
* Cube definition
* What to be tested in Cube and how


Dashboards & Reports Testing (Frontend)
* Difference between Dashboards and Reports
* Examples for Dashboards and Reports
* How to test Dashboards and Reports


Learning Objectives

* Understanding the main concept of BI
* Learning what's BI testing and how to test it
* Learning the best practice in testing any BI solution
* Practice in writing test cases for BI application
* Practice in writing BI test queries
* Perform BI test cases execution
* Demonstrate reporting bugs